Link authority checker

See how much link authority your current website has.

Link Authority

This is the link authority that has already been built up to 100 and is also a very important search engine factor. Always view this figure against competition.

Number of unique domains

How many different domain names are your links coming from?

No-follow percentage

The percentage of links that the search engines ignore in terms of link authority. With no-follow links, behind the scenes at Google it is indicated that this is not a link that is valuable to follow.

What is link authority?

Link authority is a value that is calculated based on a number of factors. It’s literally what Google made the difference with when they started their search engine in 1997: PageRank. It is still a very important factor.

How is the calculation made?

PageRank or link authority is calculated mathematically based on a number of parameters. The exact calculation is no secret, but you can read it here on Wikipedia.

How can I improve my link authority?

Simply put, get more and more valuable links. Links from junk blogs, link farms or low quality sites pretty much don’t count.


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