A smart and feasible plan

Digital content strategy

With a trajectory of digital content strategy, we work out a hands-on plan concerning your content. Good content, that makes the visitor feel as if the content is written for them.

Stakeholder mapping

Setting up a good content strategy plan starts with defining the various stakeholders. Using personas, we work out the various target groups in co-creation. We find out what these target groups do, what they are looking for and what the competition is currently doing.

Customer journeys

With the different target groups, we will work together to define the different customer journeys. We look at the entire route a potential customer (or other target groups) takes, starting from the first point of contact with your organisation. We investigate any forgotten opportunities and low-hanging fruit.

Content strategy plan

Once we sufficiently know the target group and the ideal paths, we combine all this knowledge into an ideal content strategy. At this stage, we make a to-do list as well as an implementation plan. Easy, doable and fully relevant for your target audience.

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